Dear world

Well I was really busy this week so I couldn’t post earlier… anyway now I installed the app so maybe I’ll be posting more…
Aaagghh I have nothing to say! Well let me just end it with the hottie of the post :p it’ll be Choi Kyuhyun, super junior’s deep voice :$ thanks for reading/following me! 🙂


Kyuhyun's photoshoot for his first mini album "at gwanghwamun"


Dear world…

I’m making new friends at university but I won’t forget about my bffs! They are amazing and love me despite my crazy craziness…. well I’ll stop here cz if I continue it won’t end.

Independance day just ended but it just felt the same as other days… maybe because it’s a Saturday.

Anyway for all book lovers I advise you to start reading Fallen by Lauren Kate because it’s one of my two favorite bestsellers I’ve ever read.

For music lovers I have to choose two songs:

-Little things by One Direction(English)

-Good person by Super Junior(Korean)

Then, everyone should belong to a fandom because it gives you the greatest feeling I the world… it makes you feel connected to your favorite idols and to the others fans 🙂 Now my top fandom is the ELF, known as the Super Junior fandom cz their songs and performances are just amazing! Ok I’ll stop talking about kpop. (For now 😛 )

Ok well that’s all for today! Thank you for reading and/or following me! 🙂

Well, hi!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Well, my name will be anonymous here but you can always call me Luna. I’m 18, I’m a first year biochemistry student at university…I love watching tv(kdramas), reading bestselling series (like fallen, house of night…) playing video games especially yugioh on my phone, and listening to music especially kpop. Before you ask, no. I’m not Korean, Chinese ore Japanese. I can speak Arabic French and English and I started learning Korean. My only talent is writing; I’m writing a book I might be posting here :p. Finally, I’m an ELF, an EXO-L, a Shawol, a sone, an ARMY and a new Primadona . So if you are one too… let me know! 😀