My thoughts about… Kpop

Well, as everyone knows, Kpop is my life. Now people usually stares at me in disgust telling me it’s not cool or it’s weird to love such music. But I’m not writing to babble about them. I’m here to show the world the reasons I love this particular genre of music.

I will start by the thing that made me give them some of my time: choreography. I was bored and searching the tv for something to watch. That was when I saw 9 beautiful girls dancing. Their moves were so precise that I immediately fell in love with the song. It was Girl’s Generation’s hit song Paparazzi. The next day I was surprised to see on the same channel 10 attractive boys dancing the same dance moves at the same time. It was Super Junior’s hit song Mr Simple.
Then, you have to concentrate on the rest, as the voices, music and, of course, looks. Whether we’re talking about high notes or deep voices, you’ll definitely be charmed. In Paparazzi, I was stunned by Jessica Jung’s high note at the end of the song; in Mr Simple, it was Cho Kyuhyun’s deep voice that made me melt and fall for the song. As for the music, the melody is very attractive. For example, the famous Kpop band Super Junior is know for it’s “oldies” music, it feels like dancing in the 1960s when dancing to their songs! I mean, I thought it was like this only for the old songs, but after listening to This is Love and Let’s Dance I thought that this band brought old music back to life! And for the looks… well I’m a girl who fell for 5 kpop boy bands and have a crush on one boy of each band. I think I made my point :p Or maybe I should talk about Super Junior’s Choi Siwon who came SECOND in the “most handsome celebrities on Earth” list!
Oh! And don’t try to convince me that kpop is not popular. Last time I searched about famous Kpop band SHINee, I read that one of the members, Jonghyun, has his solo song Crazy on top of the Billboard charts. You don’t believe me? Search it yourself.

Well, that’s it for now! Sorry about my vocabulary mistakes but I’m super tired and not in the mood to correct them :p
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My thoughts about… Dip n’ dip

For this article I’m going to talk about a delightful place to relax and enjoy your time.
Since this semester I have a 2 hours break before my Physiology class, I needed to get out and get some fresh air. I couldn’t go shopping since most of the items are RIDICULOUSLY expensive, so I decided to try hanging out at a place that sounded good: Dip n’ Dip. I used to look at the crowdy place every Saturday, when passing by with my family in the car, and find the most delicious milkshakes and desserts on tables or in pictures on LCD screens. I first visited it with my BFF when her teacher was absent.
Since it was like 2pm, the place was empty, but it was better this way. The employee greets you with a nice smile and guides you to your table, then nicely gives you the menu and tell us to call him/her whenever we needed help. And here was the hardest part: choosing was like Mission Impossible for us! All the desserts looked DELICIOUS! While trying hard not to drool over the table, we finally ordered a strawberry milkshake. While waiting, you could enjoy the calm atmosphere with the delightful music. Old or new, you won’t care! The music is enough to soothe you. And when we tried the milkshakes, it was the moment I decided I would definitely come back. It was well presented and, most of all, DELICIOUS!
Today I went by myself since all my friends were busy, and I really needed something to cheer me up since I felt confused and tired. But instead of asking for a fresh milkshake, I ordered one of their specialities, a warm Caramel Dipetta. I first thought from the picture it was some hot chocolate, but when tasting it… it was COFFEE! Honestly I hate coffee. I prefer sweet drinks. But after seeing the caramel in the bottom of the cup and a long spoon, I realised that I have to mix them. And then I tasted it. I’m not joking… it was the first time I taste coffee…AND LOVE IT! It was heaven pouring in my mouth. It definitely won’t be the last time I order it! 🙂
So, in conclusion, I would definitely recommend anyone to go and hang out at this place, but since most of you aren’t in my country, all I could say is thanks for reading my article, and hope you enjoyed it!
Oh! And tell us! Have you tried a similar place before? Let me know! 🙂


My thoughts about…

Well starting from today, I will post my opinion about anything I tried from music, food, books, movies…
I will start with something simple like Anna Todd’d new book “After”.
First of all the title and the book’s cover are interesting and attract the reader’s eye. Then you read about it and find out it is actually a fanfiction. Anna Todd is actually one of the British boyband One Direction’s biggest fans. Now normally I’m against fan fictions but since I like One Direction and the book became a bestseller, I thought it would be fun and different. I was wrong.
The book started okay, although I didn’t like how she introduced them (except Liam) as gothics but that wasn’t the problem. As I continued, the author started using more and more sexual scenes that made me blush of embarrassment (since in my country, making out and sex and those stuffs are only acceptable after marriage) and finally disgusted since the book almost made me hate the boys even thought they weren’t like this in real life. I couldn’t continue reading anymore.
I’m sorry Anna Todd but I know you’re talented. You have enough skills to write a bestseller without using inappropriate sexual scenes, so I hope your next book would be better (if there’s one)
Well that’s all for now! Thanks for following/reading! And please don’t be shy and comment! But please don’t use any bad words or anything that could hurt or cause
problems since I’ll be deleting it.