My thoughts about…

Well starting from today, I will post my opinion about anything I tried from music, food, books, movies…
I will start with something simple like Anna Todd’d new book “After”.
First of all the title and the book’s cover are interesting and attract the reader’s eye. Then you read about it and find out it is actually a fanfiction. Anna Todd is actually one of the British boyband One Direction’s biggest fans. Now normally I’m against fan fictions but since I like One Direction and the book became a bestseller, I thought it would be fun and different. I was wrong.
The book started okay, although I didn’t like how she introduced them (except Liam) as gothics but that wasn’t the problem. As I continued, the author started using more and more sexual scenes that made me blush of embarrassment (since in my country, making out and sex and those stuffs are only acceptable after marriage) and finally disgusted since the book almost made me hate the boys even thought they weren’t like this in real life. I couldn’t continue reading anymore.
I’m sorry Anna Todd but I know you’re talented. You have enough skills to write a bestseller without using inappropriate sexual scenes, so I hope your next book would be better (if there’s one)
Well that’s all for now! Thanks for following/reading! And please don’t be shy and comment! But please don’t use any bad words or anything that could hurt or cause
problems since I’ll be deleting it.



  1. Kiki L. · February 24, 2015

    Reblogged this on Pepperly Me ^^.


  2. Kiki L. · February 24, 2015

    I liked it!!! And also got disappointed when I finished reading! O.o


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