A letter for You

My dear,
I really wished you could read this letter, but obviously you can’t. This letter will reveal what you are to me.
No words can explain how I felt when I first saw you. Hearing your name many times made me think of you as a show off, but everything changed the moment our eyes met. My heart started racing when I saw that beautiful sparkle you were trying to hide behind your expensive sunglasses. I thought that only your words were catchy, but it took me a year to realise that it was your stare that froze me and made my heart skip a beat. Since that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. You are the first thing I think about every morning when I open my eyes. You are the last thing I remember when closing my eyes.

I was first afraid of getting hurt. I was still holding a deep scar, thinking it will never be healed. But everything changed the moment you smiled at me. It felt like a warm blast of sunshine after a cold cold winter. But if I think about it, my heart was living in a winter, and I thought it will never end. You are like summer for me: colorful, lively and, well, fun!
You still think I’m just speaking without thinking but listening to me will make you understand.
Let me tell you about the times I was mad at the world with a heart full of ego, but your picture suddenly flashing in front of me made me cry shameful tears. You are now the only boy I never got mad at, no matter what you do, and never failed to make me smile.
Let me tell you about the times I met the person who rejected me, feeling peaceful instead of sad, because that scar in my heart was healed thanks to your kindness. You never failed to make me laugh, no matter how hard I cried or how angry I was, and that’s more than enough to me.
And let me tell you about the most important thing in all this “letter” I’m writing. I never knew what tears of joy are until you showed up. That night you sat under the starry night with your magnificent guitar in your hands, and played while singing, with the mates you call brothers, this sad but beautiful song like it was a lullaby. But it was more than just a lullaby. Every time I watch you sing it, I see an angel who changed my life, who lifted me up from the darkness of being broken. It was the day I realised that I was finally healed. I felt like a girl who found water after days of walking in the Sahara. I felt like a bird who, after years of being stuck in a cage, finally escaped and started flying to reach the skies.
So many other things make you precious and exceptional but my words will never be enough to describe them. You won’t read this letter but I don’t care. I promise,  one day we will meet and I will stand proudly in front of you. You won’t think I’m being ridiculous because you’re aware about how your kindness can make miracles, but instead you’ll do what’s blessed in you: smile.
Thank you for everything.
To ㅂ.ㅊ.ㅇ.


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  1. Kiki L. · July 15, 2015

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