Internet Binge: The Return of Superman * Texan In Tokyo * CutiePieMarzia

Nightsongs and Daydreams

Ohh, internet. You are a glorious time-waster. But can I help it when there’s such awesome content just waiting for me to gobble it up (usually in a 24+ hour marathon because I can’t bear to ration it out)? I do a lot of internet binging (which also means I don’t get a lot of writing done, so I’m trying to work on that particular vice), so I thought that I’d share what I’ve been binging on each week.

The Return of Superman

TRoS is a Korean reality show about men taking care of their children for 48 hours with no help from their wives. The kids are beyond adorable and the dads are endearing. It’s impossible for me to watch just one episode per sitting, and it’s a KBS show, which means that all the episodes on youtube are subtitled! (You can also watch it at KSHOWONLINE.)


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