A Psychologist answering about the Kpop Phenomenon

How a psychologist answered when asked about the phenomenon of “fangirls” in the Korean entertainment world?

A psychologist said: “Do not underestimate the children who chase Korean celebrities, their hearts are purer than others, they love sincerely, they will do their best to overcome difficult obstacles, language and cultural barriers. They symbolize peace, they do not discriminate based on race, they make friends with people who have similar interests from various countries, they are more passionate and warm compared to others. They do not betray the people they like with ease, they are persistent and do not give up easily. They are more powerful than others, because when they love Korean stars, they experience something never experienced in his life. They are all fragile children, easily moved, and easy to cry for a long time because of an incident.

Through investigation, most of them understand the significance of gratitude. Their way of thinking is different from others, they are not easily carried away by love, they never thought to do bad things, and their criteria when looking for a mate is very high, in addition to appearance, personality is more important, so the marriage rate is not high. Memory level they have is very good, they can easily remember the korean lyrics they do not understand, and their coordination ability is also very strong. Most of them are cheerful children, not the type to confine themselves. They also have very strong determination, they were able to survive and make efforts to buy something related to their favorite celebrities.


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