Dear World,

Today I might write things that doesn’t have value for anyone but it have a huge value for me.

It’s 20:56 now, Autumn, October.
I was looking at my timeline for news about celebrities or just scientific news when I saw a link for an EXO picture. I clicked it. When it opened my eyes were immediately filled with tears. Here’s the picture, and here’s why:


It’s only a normal picture for Chanyeol, right? Well, to me, it’s not. When I first saw the picture with that haircut, it reminded me of the day I saw him for the first time. It reminded me how I couldn’t get his rap or his stare out of my head. I felt that the Chanyeol I saw for the first time actually didn’t change, no matter how many times he changed his hair color or looked tired.

For the first time since months, I felt home. It was like I forgot all the problems and went back to the times when I was worry-less, no stress to bother me. I went back to the time when everything was stable, before everything started to change.
I suddenly was full of joy, and to know that the picture was taken only hours ago and that he won 2 awards at the event made me feel proud… it made me feel satisfied of my tastes in life.
My heart felt warm again.
I felt lively again.

I know what I just wrote looks pointless but here’s my point. When praying at night, be thankful to God for every single little thing that might seem unimportant now, but is actually one of the many things that makes you excited to wake up the second day and see it again 🙂
Thanks for reading, and good night! 😉


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