Dear world,

What do you think of people constantly showing off?
Honestly, I hate them more than anything. More than wars, more than fight, and even more than school! (Thank goodness I’m in college now :p)
Show-offs are that kind of people who keep bragging about themselves, about how they’re living right and make us feel bad about our lifestyle. I’ve met so many of them, mostly at school but now at college.
Why I hated school? Because I had to sit 7 hours between idiots who kept laughing at me because I’m different. I’m a book geek and I like music diversity like old French songs, but obviously they didn’t. I was a loser because of it as they kept showing off their tastes which, objectively speaking, is actual trash! But now I’m finally in college where I don’t worry about being weird since everyone there is open minded and, well, weirder. :p

I stopped seeing show-offs until this semester. But this time, it wasn’t a student: it was a teacher!
At first I thought that it was my fault for thinking this way, that I was probably bored without my cellphone, but today, as I put it in my bag and occupied myself with my favorite relaxing distraction (writing) but kept concentrating, I realised it wasn’t my fault.
All she does is talking non-stop about her gynecologist father and her husband who’s also a doctor and about her “achievements” while nagging about how we are becoming lazy and ignoring our country. Well let me tell you this.
Not all of us has a protecting background to do crazy stuffs. Now ok there are some small actions we could do, but we can’t attack directly! Even I have the risk to receive a bullet in my brain from one of these dirty so-called “politicians” because I’m an ant here! And you said you suffered from war the most. Now ok everyone before us suffered from it, but saying that her suffering was one of the biggest is too much! Some people still hold scars as a sign of surviving, or even non removable bullets! Or people that lost their house and ENTIRE family, they’re just nagging right? Or my OWN FATHER who had to leave school and worked day and night like a slave so his family would live in dignity, that’s just trash talk right?! You dare say what you “suffered” was huge?!
Sorry for ruining your day with it but I was really pissed at what happened today.
So I’ll end by saying Happy National Writing Day! šŸ™‚
Thanks for reading!


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