Dear world,


I normally don’t start with someone picture like this.

That guy is Min Yoongi, also known as BTS’ Suga. He’s 22-23, main rapper, very talented.
I’m a BTS fan and prefer Jin but Suga has done something to me that I couldn’t ignore or avoid being thankful for it.
Back in elementary school, I used to write some songs/poems in French and love it (and if someone reads them right now I’ll feel like killing myself because they’re lame :p ).
Then in high school, I started writing love and heartbreak songs in English which were actually not bad… until this September when I tore everything and threw it away. Am I regretting it? No.
Because thanks to Suga, I learned that I should start writing what I really feel, not someone else’s love story. When I downloaded BTS’ mini album “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life”, I started by listening to the main tracks, like usual. But after a month, I realised that I missed a track, “In the Mood Of Love”, an all rap track sung and written by Suga himself. The first seconds I listened to it… I felt awakened. The song actually talks about how people kept judging him while he never gave up to make his dreams come true. I felt like the song was meant to be sang to me. Since then, everytime I looked at my old poems, I felt something wrong: they were all fake. They never talked about something that happened to me, they were just inspired from something I watched or a song I listened to. Since then, I wrote 4 songs meant to be RAPPED. They’re not about love anymore, they’re about discovering myself, about rising from the dust of this society to finally be free of judgements. Now every time I read them, I finally feel that this is my story. This is me.
Suga is now officially a person that I respect A LOT because he showed me passion in songwriting, and taught me how not to care about others’ thoughts and stay true to myself πŸ™‚
Thanks for reading! πŸ˜‰


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  1. Kiki L. · November 5, 2015



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